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Ρελέ, ρεύμα λειτουργίας

Manufacturer: HELLA
Availability: 24-48 ώρες ( i )
SKU: 00024RA933766111
Manufacturer part number: 4RA933766111
Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Supplementary Article/Info 2with resistor
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Infowithout holder
Combi Switch FunctionNormally Open Contact
Protection Type (IP Code)IP54
Number of pins4
Voltage [V]12
Temperature range from [°C]-40
Temperature range to [°C]+125
Inductive Load [A]20
Capacitive Load [A]20
Ohmic Load [A]20
Wiring DiagrammeS2
Plug Type IDC
Relay functionComfort Equipment Variant (trim package)
Relay functionParking Distance Control
Relay functionABS
Relay functionLow Beam
Relay functionHigh Beam
Relay functionHeated rear window
Relay functionESP
Relay functionWindow Regulator
Relay functionStarter
Relay functionHorn
Relay functionAir Conditioning
Relay functionLight switch
Relay functionFan, heater/air conditioning
Relay functionInterior Blower
Relay functionClamp 15
Relay functionDaytime Running Light
Relay functionConvertible top hydraulics
Relay functionCentral Locking
Relay functionABS recovery pump
Relay functionExterior mirror adjustment
Relay functionHeatable exterior mirror
Relay functionElectric booster heater
Relay functionInterior Lighting
Relay functionClamp 15R
Relay functionClamp 87
Relay functionFuel Pump
Relay functionLambda Sensor
Relay functionFan, engine cooling
Relay functionFront Fog Light
Relay functionWindscreen wiper
Relay functionWindscreen wiper rest heating
Relay functionSunroof
Relay functionSecondary Air System
Relay functionSeat Heating

Other Specifications

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